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Rich with stories and personal experiences of the author, it provides a highly accessible, yet scientifically accurate, take on willpower — the most important tool you have for doing the right thing. Get the book and start taking charge of your own life. Don't procrastinate. Do it now! Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published October 4th by Publishing for Bios Biotos. More Details Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews.

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More filters. Sort order. Jun 06, Ed Silva rated it liked it. Ok Good common sense ideas. Easy read. Cons: likely not very memorable. Will need to take notes on suggestions. Read in about 2 hours. Feb 11, Kaat V rated it liked it Shelves: productiviteit-psychologie. Een goed boek voor wie nog niets over onderzoek en bevindingen over wilskracht heeft gelezen of geen zin heeft om dikke boeken te lezen.

Het boek is grotendeels gebaseerd op het onderzoek van Roy Baumeister, die zowat 'de naam' is op gebied van onderzoek rond wilskracht. Ik heb zelf ook "De kracht van wilskracht" gelezen ook gebaseerd op het onderzoek van Baumeister en dat is toch grondiger. Hoe dan ook, toch aan te bevelen voor wie daar nog niets over gelezen heeft. Want iets doen op 'pure' Een goed boek voor wie nog niets over onderzoek en bevindingen over wilskracht heeft gelezen of geen zin heeft om dikke boeken te lezen. Want iets doen op 'pure' wilskracht is ontzettend moeilijk.

Wetenschap leert ons gemiddeld aan de helft van de verleidingen niet weerstaan. Dus dat we toch, soms voor een paar minuten soms voor heel lang, niet doen wat we eigenlijk willen doen. Het boek geeft geen toverformule, maar rijkt je wel "tools" aan om te zorgen dat je bv. Zo zou Obama maar 2 soorten kostums hebben, grijs en zwart en zou hij dit naar eigen zeggen doen om het aantal beslissingen te minderen.

Iedere beslissing vraagt wilskracht en daarom kan je beter zorgen om je wilskracht te laten voor wat echt belangrijk is. Plannen en voorbereiden zorgt uiteraard ook voor minder nood aan wilskracht je hebt het al beslist. Best wel een interessant boek, zeker dus voor wie hierover nog niets gelezen heeft.

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Quick read. This book is a summary of key findings in larger more comprehensive reads such as The Power of Habit. As a summary I find very useful, especially for people who may not have the willpower to read through a page book or multiple books on the matter.

Sep 09, Kelly rated it liked it. No nonsense, to-the-point book. It was a quick, but highly valuable read. It does not beat you death with social science experiments and gives you pragmatic advice for how you can help yourself to do more that you are not necessarily motivated to do. Apr 25, Isaac rated it liked it Shelves: personal-growth , psychology. Simple short book with some solid advice on Willpower.

Piotrek Janisz rated it liked it Jul 03, Joseph Brown rated it liked it Jul 30, You have the ability to customize all the categories and apps—when it comes to procrastination, though, I find this to be useless. Keep it simple to get the most use of this tool.

The main benefit of RescueTime is identifying your biggest procrastination activities. Another key piece to beginning to beat procrastination is distinguishing between real work and activities that just appear to be work. To define real work , we need a goal. Then we need to break that goal into measurable steps of progress. Every goal can be broken down into small, actionable steps. Say we want to build a house.

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We can measure the progress by each individual brick we lay. We can spend years planning the house or trying to get a good price for the materials but make not one bit of progress. The progress, the real work , is laying bricks. Say we want to write a book. Every book is composed of words and paragraphs.

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We can spend a lot of time learning how to be a better writer, researching the subject, or reading for inspiration. None of that is real work. None of that will get us closer to completing the book. The real work is putting words on the page.

Am I putting words on the page, or preparing to do it? Price: Free Platforms: iOS. Tons of planning and time management tools do nothing more than to keep you in the planning stage. If we want to beat procrastination, we have to focus on the real work. A great habit is to pick a single priority for every day — one important task of real work. Unlike the other task management apps, this one lets you focus on one big item of real work.

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Everything else is smaller and comes after you finish the big task. You can set the app to remind you every morning to start with your big task. To beat procrastination, we have to take action and start doing some real work. Become a member. Sign in.

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Get started. The Complete Guide to Beating Procrastination. George Halachev Follow. Listen to this story Negative Emotions To have more emotional awareness, it helps to accurately name the emotions as they arise. The first step is about picking the emotion that best matches your current state. This forces you to perform a deeper introspection and become more aware of the feeling. Emotions are greatly affected by the people around us. In Section 2, you note who you were with when you experienced the emotion. This helps you analyze which social situations trigger negative emotions the most.

Section 3 Specifics is perfect for noting which tasks trigger the emotion you are logging. Section 4 is about your physical state. Every strong emotion has a physical effect on the body. Staying aware of the what your body is going through is another way to raise your awareness. For example, did you experience sweating? Increased heartbeat? Your thoughts are the focus of Section 5. Strong emotions tend to alter our thoughts and make them more irrational. For example, did you think of any excuses or rationalizations while you were feeling afraid? Section 6 is for reflections.

This is a good place to write down the lessons learned during the emotional introspection. Forms of Procrastination Another way to raise our awareness is to be mindful of procrastination activities. Here are some activities that are often used to procrastinate: Entertainment: YouTube, social media, texting, games Busy Work: Email, phone calls, planning, organizing Body Needs: Eating, sleeping, drinking water The entertainment category is easy. My office is a mess. I better organize it now.