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In the File Browser navigate to the external source blend-file and select the data-block you want to reuse. When you link an object, it will be placed in your scene at the 3D cursor position. Many other data types, cameras, curves, and materials for example, must be linked to an object before they become visible.

Look in the Outliner , with display mode set to Blender File , to see all your linked and appended data-blocks. Reloading is useful if you changed something in the library blend-file and want to see those changes in your current blend-file without having to re-open it.


Relocating allows you to reload the library from a new file path. This can be used to either fix a broken linked library e. While loading a blend-file, if Blender cannot find any more a library, it will create placeholder data-blocks to replace missing linked ones. That way, references to those missing data are not lost, and by relocating the missing library, the lost data can be automatically restored.

It allows you to make changes locally over an object or collection linked from an external library.

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Possible changes are restricted, you can mainly edit and animate transformations of the proxy object, and its constraints. Those changes remain local, they are not sent back to the external library. Another way to transform a linked object locally is with the use of Collection Instancing. Instead of linking objects directly, it is often more useful to link in collections , which can be assigned to empties and moved, while maintaining the link to the original file. It is also possible, in the source library blend-file, to protect some bone layers from being editable in proxies.

Set the Protected Layers in the source file using the Skeleton panel of the Armatures properties. See Armature Layers. Makes the selected or all external objects local in the current blend-file. Link to original library file will be full lost.

But it will make those data-blocks fully editable, just like ones directly created in that blend-file. This impacted all of the reports within Google Search Console with the exception of the Performance report.

Cheaper to Maintain

In addition, Google is investigating another bug in Search Console where manual action notifications are disappearing from within the manual action viewer. Data loss. To visualize this, the yellow area in this chart below is technically not real data and probably should be ignored:.

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Manual actions disappearing. Yesterday afternoon reports starting coming in that manual actions were disappearing from Google Search Console without any reason. It turns out that this is a more widespread bug. I got some examples from folks and the team here is taking a look.

Something weird does seem to be happening there. I'll post an update once I know more. JohnMu May 1, Marie Haynes was one of the first to bring this to my attention but there are numerous complaints throughout the industry about this bug. JohnMu Hi John. Client came to us to remove a manual action that was in GSC yesterday.

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They got the email for unnatural links today. And now the manual actions viewer is clear. We're definitely looking at canonical version.