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Dressage School & Training

The Iberian peninsula was a fertile land and easily accessible by sea, which tempted many invaders. The native people were faced with a great many attacks from across the sea, and the Vikings launched particularly sustained and harsh attacks for several hundred years beginning in the 9th century AD.

During the early periods, raids threatened the lives and livelihoods of coastal dwellers. As the Vikings became more confident, they attempted to further expand their presence and move inland. The Lusitano played a critical role in repelling these invaders.

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  3. Sons of the Wind Farm by Vitor J. Silva in Merrimac, Massachusetts, the School of Equestrian Arts.

According to legend, the Vikings were quite accustomed to fighting off mounted defenders, but the swift feet of the Lusitanos were more than they could handle. The Vikings found that their weapons were nearly useless against these amazing horses, whose tireless movements let their riders charge in for an attack and then dance away before the Vikings could retaliate.

The Vikings had never seen horses with those abilities before, and it seemed as if they were fighting the wind itself.

The invaders returned home in defeat and carried with them stories of horses and riders with magical abilities, capable of traveling huge distances in the blink of an eye and dodging an arrow or sword as if it was nothing at all. The tribes native to the Iberian peninsula formed alliances with various other civilizations, and they traded some of their horses to these other civilizations.

Xenophon, the Athenian horseman often considered one of the fathers of dressage, considered Iberian horses to be some of the finest in the world and praised them in his writings. They were highly sought after for chariot racing, and the prowess of Iberian horsemen helped cement a peaceful treaty with Rome, provided the Iberian horsemen would share their knowledge with the Roman cavalry.

Sons of the Wind Farm by Vitor J. Silva in Merrimac, Massachusetts, the School of Equestrian Arts

Some historians believe that the incredible bond between Iberian horses and their riders is at the heart of ancient centaur myths, because the horses were able to move so freely and naturally that they seemed to be unencumbered by a rider. About Your Privacy on this Site. By clicking continue below and using our sites or applications, you agree that we and our third party advertisers can: transfer your personal data to the United States or other countries, and process your personal data to serve you with personalized ads, subject to your choices as described above and in our privacy policy.

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The Sons of the Wind: The Sacred Stories of the Lakota

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