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Redundancy: 'It's like a new lease of life'

They will let you vent within reason and give you moral support. They can help you see the bigger picture and also be a sounding board for how you are thinking about your options see below. It can feel awkward getting in touch at first, especially if you've been incomunicado for a while. But m ost people will be happy to help if they know what you want. Could your redundancy actually be an opportunity instead of a crisis?

Redundancy: Get It Right!

Redundancy can often confront you with exciting options you had never even considered until they were foisted upon you. Or the chance to retrain and change career altogether? We discussed this at greater length recently in our Taking a career break blog post. As part of the severance process, your employer should also provide you by law with your P45 and written details of your redundancy payment and package. The contact details of your line manager for requesting references , trade union rep , HR department and pension fund will also come in very handy.

Finally, give yourself a break.

What to do after redundancy: how I stayed motivated in my job hunt

Why not spend time thinking about everything you enjoy — your interests, the things that fascinate you? Also consider your constraints. Is re-training an option?

What to do after being made redundant | Robert Half

Can you take a drop in salary? Think what do you enjoy doing. What are you really good at?

These questions may uncover some answers that help to inform your future career. The key is deciding on what you want, and then staying motivated throughout your job hunt. While it may not feel this way at the time, both types of redundancies can offer opportunities. The key is to manage the transition to your next job by developing a redundancy plan.

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Redundancy can deliver a serious blow to your confidence, and bring plenty of uncertainty about the future. But dwelling on the negatives can delay your return to the workforce.

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Remember, it is jobs that are made redundant, not people - and it is something that can happen to anyone through no fault of their own. As hard as it may be, taking a proactive approach is critical to making redundancy the start of a sea change in your life. Being made redundant can have a tremendous impact on your financial well-being. Developing a household budget that reflects your new circumstances can relieve some of the financial concerns you may have.

Drawing up a plan of action will not only help bolster your spirits, it can also provide a road map to get your career back on track.

Finding an Alternative Role When Being Made Redundant; Understanding redundancy. Ask the expert.

If you believe your skillset is outdated or your skills lie in an area of work with poor long-term prospects, consider undertaking retraining. Many employers look for breadth as well as depth of skills. However, it is essential to have the skills needed to find work in a growth industry.

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