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OUT NO. Hoofbeats Magazine A Lifestyle Equestrian magazine with articles on riding, training the horse and the rider, show preparation and tips, veterinary and herbal treatments, stable and horse management.

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Therapeutic riding has shown improvements where other, more traditional therapies have not. Here are some of them putting that to practice at Hoofbeats to Healing!

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They also donated hours of volunteer time thanks to the 30 employees and their guests that participated. Boostability believes in helping small businesses get found online.

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Boostability still takes the time to help the communities we work to serve. Check out our clean up project from this past spring, and our volunteers at the Heber Half Marathon in the summer. Boost takes its commitment to being excellent to everyone very seriously.

Bunnies and chickens and Dwarf Nigerian goats, are our family pets and we treat them as such.


Our guests always comment on the beauty of our animals and our facility. Old Man Zulie enjoying some love.

Puddles the Lion Head Bunny. Dwarf Nigerian Goats Percy and Mr.