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Any one else seeing these issues with their diabetic dog? My dog has diabetic since 2 months I started with 2 insulin per day. Now I give 1 insulin shot per day and see how it goes but I won't ignore and be blind I take her to vet every week for blood test. Unfortunately, I lost my terrier to diabetes almost 3 years ago and now my Bichon has it. I will not make the same mistake of waiting too long this time. My terrier went blind he adjusted to that quick enough but he also lost a dramatic amount of body weight.

Because he was still eating, wagging his tale and giving me love, I ignored all the signs in front of me and replaced reality with an unfounded hope. By this point, he veins had collapsed. I won't give you the details but it was, without a doubt, the worst experience of my life. YOU know your dog better than anyone. When it is time, sometimes letting them go is the most loving thing you can do for them. You will always having lingering doubts. When you love your pet so much, saying goodbye will always feel wrong.

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But because you love them, you can't let them suffer. I'm sorry for everyone who has to go through this. It sucks.. Please advise me here- I have a beloved dad hind female. She is 10 years old almost She has had diabetes for two years.

She is on 20 units insulin in the morning and 20 units insulin at night. She still pees enormous volumes indoors day and night. She is almost completely blinde too. She eats ravenously at every opportunity and seems cheerful but she is getting no better and the insulin is making no difference. Any advice please? I lost my beloved Iggy the cat 8 years ago to kidney cancer. After discussing with my vet, we opted to keep him comfortable and forgo chemo. The chemo could have given him more time on this earth, but he was a very difficult cat to treat. He had to be sedated every vet visit.

I specifically asked my vet what she would do if he was her cat and she honestly said she would not put him through it. He might live longer, but he'd be miserable with the numerous vet visits, subcutaneous fluids, etc As hard as it was to see him go, I never doubted I made the right decision for him.

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In contrast, I was able to give his brother sub-q fluids for the last nine months of his life and he remained a happy kitty up until his last day. My current cat was just diagnosed with diabetes this week. I'm not panicking yet well, maybe a little panic. He's been on long term steroids for asthma so we're going to see what happens to his BG as we gradually lighten his dosage.

I'm also changing his food. If I do end up having to give him insulin and monitor his blood sugar, I'm willing to try. But he's also a cat who will not tolerate handling. If I think that his quality of life is suffering, I would consider not treating him. Bottom line, it's about what's best for the individual pet.. This article and other comments have put my mind at peace. We have a 6 year old Rottie who is lbs not fat He was diagnosed with diabetes about 1 month ago. At first he was taking his shots like a champ, however now he will not let anyone get near him with the needle.

Doesn't matter if we give him treats, pet him, distract him He has since started nipping at people who touch him because he thinks they are going to give him a shot. This included my 4 year old neice. Diabetes has unfortunately changed him and his loving, laid back personality into a dog who is agitated, irritable and just looks miserable. He truly was a gentle giant until we started his treatment for diabetes.

We have chosen to euthanize him this weekend as his quality of life is suffering and we cant have an animal of his size nipping at people Not to add, he will not allow us to treat him and an animal his size is very difficult to hold still Not all animals are like the other and not all respond to treatment like the next.

It has been an agonizing decision for our family, but we know it is best for him and our family. It has been an amazing 6 years with you my friend.

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I know we have given you an amazing 6 years too. Until we meet again!! My dog Sadie half Chihuahua - half mutt was diagnosed with diabetes two months ago. She is nine years old. I am able to afford her care and now she is taking one shot a day. She reacts so violently when it is time for a shot. It takes my husband or daughter holding her head to keep her from biting me.

She fights it and sometimes the needle comes out before all the insulin goes in. We have tried a muzzle, but that just seems to make her worse. I'm at my wits end. I love this little dog so much but the resentment is building. Any suggestions? Dear Abby, Kudos to you for making it work for you and your dog.

I am glad you are in a place physically, emotionally, and financially to be able to provide the care for your dog. Everyone wishes they could have the same, but we do not all have the same luxury. While rehoming your pet is one way to approach the difficulties that a chronic, lifelong illness imposes, for most people and pets it's unacceptable.

Being rehomed is stressful for pets - particularly cats and unregulated diabetics - and stress from abandonment negatively impacts blood sugar levels.

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The number of homes available to take on a pet with a chronic illness is way smaller than the number of chronically ill pets. I wish you continued good luck with your dog. OMG please Diabetes can be managed and the dog can live a full life if managed. There are people who foster and adopt diabetic animals. I have heard a few ladies on a support group say they only adopt diabetic dogs etc.. I cannot imagine putting a pet down when their illness can be managed. I am so glad I love my dog and value him more than that. I wouldn't have got a dog if I wasn't willing to do everything I could for them.

Please people if your social life is that important don't get a pet as they do get sick eventually you know?? What if it was your child that was sick? A pet is a family member!

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I am low income and manage best I can and make sacrifices for my dog out of love. I get my supplies online and do most things myself. I join support groups to get help and direction on what to do in situations. Unless my dog is terminally ill and suffering I am doing all I can to keep him happy and alive! I refuse to let him down! I made a commitment when i got him and I will fulfil it! I feel sad for your dogs and cats that they ended up with you people! Seriously you don't even try to find them another home!

Judgemental my rear You are upset with me out of guilt alone! I hit the guilt button. I just had to put my diabetic cat to sleep.