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Any kind of cookie cutter will do. The edible garlands look quite cute hanging from a tree. You can even make them for Christmas to decorate your landscape. Sixth Bloom has a way of involving kids in most of her DIYs. Use a butter knife to smear a generous amount of peanut butter on bread. Then use a ribbon to thread the bread and tie it on a tree branch. Finally, watch this scrumptious snack being devoured by the feathery folks in a matter of days. Deanna teaches us how to convert tissue paper rolls into vertically inclined bird feeders with her son.

This arts and craft project is the advanced version of the peanut butter rolls that are on this list. You can use the same strategy to make this one. For this reason, the millennial mom turns two stray branches into a perch for the birds. This way, you get to feed four birds with one feeder. Animal Lama is a pet parent haven for tips and tricks on raising furry and feathery friends. I fell head over heels with their birdfeeder.

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I think the adults should only cut the box in the required shape and then let the kids run wild. Ann teaches us to live life to the fullest without breaking the bank. Yes, we did but mugs are more weather-resistant and durable. I also thought that it makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life. For starters, this quirky gift is personal and it gives a nod to their favorite beverage. It also adds a fun vibe to the garden too. The person you gift it to will always think of you whenever they see a bird snacking on this thoughtful gift.

Intelligent Domestication leads the way on bringing fun to family time with two wonderful projects.

The first one shows us how to reuse empty milk jugs for a nature project. All you need is empty milk jugs, scissors, string and lots of imagination. These guys have used everything from stickers to fallen leaves to embellish their feeders. It paves the path for lots of possibilities if you think outside the box.

These funky fruit loops bracelets brought back so much nostalgia! They are to be strung together and hung for the backyard inhabitants. The good thing about this one is that your children can thread the cereal without supervision. You can also save a few for the kids to munch on while they are watching the birds eat. Red, white, and blue take on the role to feed your feathery companions. This artsy feeding nook is colorful, meaningful, and pretty cheap.

Imagine making this little fixture for your home in July. Maggy manages to create a whimsical woodsy feeder for her birds. In the first project, she utilizes fallen pine cones to feed the birds. Then stuff the sticky nooks and crannies of the pinecone with seeds and other food. These delectable pieces can then be hung all around the garden.

A great advantage is that this homemade bird feeder looks like a part of nature. Pro tip: Like the Valentine idea, this one can double up as a Christmas decoration piece too. So you better start foraging for pine cones before the snow season begins. Is it a flower or a snack bar?

16 Ideas for Birdhouses, Feeders, and Nesting Box Plans and Designs

Brett is always brightening up my feed with some fantabulous ideas. In this one, she takes orange peel bird feeders to the next level by transforming it into a flower. Plus, unlike most feeders, this one stays hidden amidst the flower beds and potted plants.

It allows your house guests to dine in secrecy without any disruptions from other critters and creatures. Before starting my search, I had no idea that breakfast meals were so popular among the other species. However, Maggy is a firm follower of this trend. She presents us with a delicate-looking creation with the help of floral wire and cheerios. The best way to use this technique is by shaping the wire before adding the cheerios. Otherwise, your snacks might break. Non Toys Gifts is an innovative initiative to gift children educational and artsy things instead of toys.

Their homemade birdfeeder ideas incorporate interesting playful elements in the construction.

It makes the whole learning process a lot more fun. On the other hand, the four strings of attached to it help you secure it to the tree. Yet, Tonya takes it a step further by including glitter and group work into the mix. Also, everyone leaves with a practical party favor to call their own. The secret is to allow glitter glue, sprinkles, and colorful buttons as bait for the young creators. Kimberly elevates the simplistic orange bird bowls with skewers and strings. You need a couple of fresh juicy orange peels, twine, and long skewers.

So instead of building a standard enclosed birdhouse with a small circular entrance hole, we need to create a nesting shelf where these species will feel comfortable enough to make a nest. I also like that installing nesting shelves around my yard provides a secure place for robins and other birds to raise their young.

Robins should use a nesting shelf without much problem as they are not afraid to nest near human activity. Try placing the nest shelf underneath eaves of porches or barns or onto the side of a large mature tree. Cardinals, on the other hand, are challenging and extremely secretive when it comes to building a nest. If you can attract cardinals to any of the plans listed below, please share what worked!

Here is the best video on YouTube that I could find that demonstrated how to build a nesting shelf. My favorite part is he only uses scrap wood from around the house! To build a birdhouse that only lets chickadees and wrens inside and not larger birds, such as House Sparrows, you want to drill a hole that has a diameter of 1.

Bird Houses & Baths

The bluebird house plans listed in Section 1 above also attract chickadees and wrens, but these small birds will have to compete against a wider variety of species for the nesting space. Here are the different species that may use the above nest boxes, depending on what size hole you drill:. This diameter will still allow chickadees and House Wrens but prevents House Sparrows.

Try one of these birdhouses that can be purchased on Amazon:. This means that they like living together in large groups! To successfully attract these birds you need to provide a multifamily martin house or a group of gourds. You should feel good about helping Purple Martins. Over the years these acrobatic birds have become entirely dependent on humans for housing, due to extreme competition from invasive cavity-nesting species such as European Starlings! You need to know that signing up to host a colony of Purple Martins is not a set it and forget it project.

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A plastic soda bottle and a couple of wooden spoons make a great birdfeeder. You just have to make holes in the bottle for the spoons and be sure that you angle the spoons downward so that the birdfeed will drizzle onto them. This is a really cute idea and a great project for the kids.

One-Board DIY Birdhouse | Backyard Projects - Birds & Blooms

An old milk carton will make an adorable feeder. You can paint or have the kids paint a cardboard milk carton and then just cut a hold for the feed. You may want to put a wooden dowel or even a wooden spoon through so that the birds have somewhere to land when they want to eat. These are really easy to make and are great for kids to do. Via — Amandamedlin.

An old teapot will make a really cute birdfeeder. Just attach the teapot to a tree or even the side of your house. You can use this for a feeder or a nester. Birds can get inside and build their nests so that you can see the babies when they are hatched.