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Video : Scientists have discovered a mysterious pattern that somehow connects a bus system in Mexico and chicken eyes to quantum physics and number theory. These developments set off a flood of research using setups with different numbers of liquids and fluids with varying consistencies.

One major surprise came when Nagel and his colleagues in Chicago reversed the falling-drop experiment. They swapped a water droplet falling through air for an air bubble rising through a fluid.

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Guided by insights gained from thinning drops, the graduate student heading up the project tried photographing the dividing bubbles from every angle, searching for some universal way in which every event plays out identically. Eventually, the team had to conclude that bubble breakup is not universal.

The drive to extend universality was stopped by a pocket of air. The new study has revealed a way to get universality back into the bubbles.

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He noticed that the equations describing bubbles suggested the neck should pass through two distinct phases as it approached the point of pinch-off. When he viewed the breakup in extreme slow motion, Pahlavan found that at 1 second before breakup, the shape of the bubble neck was self-similar: After zooming in on a section of the curve, he found that the new curve could be stretched to look the same as it did at the larger scale. Fractal-like self-similarity is a common feature of universal systems because it relates to the notion that the system lacks a special scale. One millisecond before breakup, however, the type of stretching needed to map an up-close view onto the original curve changed — an indication that the neck had switched into a different regime of self-similarity.

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But by the time the second stage arrived, there were no details left to remember, so the overall system behaved universally. Pahlavan tweaked the bubble experiment in a dozen ways, varying the tube size and liquid consistency, but each and every breakup played out the same way. The new work proves that systems can switch universality on and off, and that sticking them in a container is one way to make them do so.

Could these enigmatic objects collapse and split into two? General relativity in five dimensions is too hard to solve exactly, but in , the physicists Luis Lehner and Franz Pretorius used a computer model to compute the fate of a black string. The simulation spit out a video that felt surprisingly familiar, Pretorius said. It looked just like a fluid stream breaking into drops: A large bead formed, leaving behind a thinner stream that, in turn, bulged into smaller drops connected by even thinner streams, and so on.

Fluid behavior suggests that the strings should eventually snap into spherical black hole droplets.

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But without a particulate theory of quantum gravity, the simulation crashes as it approaches the pinch-off point. As the neck evolution gets close to the breakup point, the theoretical objects might even have something interesting to say about quantum gravity itself, Pretorius suggests. Beyond theoretical black strings, the universe is awash in entities experiencing singular breakups. Binary stars can form when a spinning gas cloud gradually divides in half , and the splitting of the atom during nuclear fission can also be treated as a liquid.

Different forces drive these events so their mathematical descriptions vary, and as the Chicago team learned, not all singularities will necessarily be universal. But by studying drops and bubbles, physicists have built a toolkit of general problem-solving strategies that can help them tackle other sorts of singularities.

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Continuing to wring additional drops of insight from singularities that can be observed in the lab will expand those techniques. You can find a preview of the next bubble in line at the bottom left corner of your screen.

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This allows you to plan ahead a little. With some well-placed shots, you can set up a pattern of bubbles in a certain color. Free online bubble shooter games are popular for a very simple reason.

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They are easy to play and provide a real sense of progress as you empty the screen. While many bubble shooter clones have popped up since this classic masterpiece was released, it's still fun to play the original game. Grab yourself a new highscore, keep the bubbles bouncing off the balls and play to your heart's content in this exciting mix of arcade mode and puzzle mode.

Get your beak wet in this bubble shoot and make that sphere pop! Bubble Shooter is a free online game that you can easily play in full screen. Line up your shot as well as you can, and hope that it bounces off the wall in just the right angle. With a little practice and a touch of luck you will be clearing the screen in no time. Popping bubbles online has never been this much fun. Enjoy Bubble Shooter, a free online game on Silvergames.

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Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter is an online match 3 puzzle game where you have to shoot and group bubbles.