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Format: Paperback Verified Purchase.

Journey into the heart of Mongolia

I have this book by my bedside, and read it on a regular basis. I find it very useful for keeping my tendency to grumble in check, reminding me to focus on what's really important. I also like the descriptions of the author's road trip and visits to sacred places. I am familiar with the author;s work on co dependency, which I found helpful many years ago, and find this book a useful companion for everyday life.

I added the original copy of the book I bought to the library of teaching books I keep for the class of aromatherapy students who are recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. They are very drawn to the book, and will often seek it out. Some have commented that they find it better than One Day at a Time, which is the book of daily meditations used in the AA and NA recovery programmes. I have the One day I have another Hazelden daily meditation publication, called The Promise of a New Day, but Journey to the Heart is undoubtedly my favourite.

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I've lost count of the number of copies I have purchased for my students over the years. They don't even mind paying full price for it! Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I like this. It's not a 'how to' or a definitive guide.

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The chapters days are shorter than I expected, but it does contain some good info - things we all know but need reminding off. I tend to read at the end of each day to see if it might tie in with what's going on and then meditate on it before bed, but have a friend who swears it must be read in the morning so you can work your day round it, so I guess it's all about what works best for you, but I'm glad I bought it.

One person found this helpful. Whilst this is a wonderful beautiful book it's unfortunately let down by the kindle version as it doesn't load as a page a day.


All the text of the days come together hapazarly and you have to sort it out yourself. Tried different fonts etc but everything overlaps. It needs to be looked into. Keep buying this book for friends, it's that good, and they all love it. Love this book! Beautiful page-a-day book which has absolutely changed my morning routine. My day is always better when I start by reading the wisdom for that day. I was given it by a friend, and I've gifted it several times more. High quality content, thoughtfully presented. This is really very good.

If you are thinking "I wonder if I should get this" then I would recommend that you do. It is lovely, beautiful and inspiring, at once poetic and also practical. I like daily meditation books and this one is my favourite. I also like Molody Beattie's books - and this is my favourite of her's. Highly recommended for setting a positive start to each day. Wide words that are clearly written from the heart, to encourage an authentic heard led way of daily living. The daily readings often seem almost uncannily appropriate for me and make sense not only psychologically but also have a spriitual side non denominational in tune with my own and with many spiritual teaching I have come across in my life's journey.


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Get to Know Us. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. This episode will explore how to honor those we love while also being honest about the heartache they introduced to our life.

The Heart of the World by Ian Baker: | Books

The ability engage our story with honor and honesty is central to all future growth. We tend to think too much or too little about the role of evil in our lives. This episode suggests that as image bearers of God, evil intentionally plots against our sexuality. Learning to recognize the harm of evil and co-creating a new sexual story with God is central to our healing journey.

While there are many systems that impact our sexual brokenness, our families are one of the most foundational. This episode will help you identify the unique heartache of your family and its connection to your current unwanted sexual behavior. Triangulation occurs when there is a breakdown in a marriage and a child is brought in to play a role that compensates for that breakdown.

  1. Journey into the heart of Mongolia - World Travel Guide.
  2. La communication non violente (Les miniGuides Ecolibris) (French Edition);
  3. Uma noite no deserto (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition)!

This episode shows how some parents become too close to their children, leading to unhealthy outcomes. Addressing triangulation present in your story will guide you to the emotional freedom you desire in your day-to-day and romantic life. The spectrum of abuse spans a wide range of traumatic experiences, from the introduction to pornography by a peer, all the way to those who have endured repeated and horrific harm. This episode will prepare you to engage the holistic impact of trauma — body, mind, and heart — and the ways that your present sexual brokenness may be an attempt to re-enact or reverse your childhood trauma or abuse.

If we are willing to listen, our sexual brokenness has so much to teach us. This episode will invite you the critical task of making meaning of your unwanted sexual behavior. You might be surprised to learn how your unwanted sexual behavior may actually be revealing specific clues about why you make the choices that you do. This episode will continue our exploration about what our sexual fantasies might be saying about us.

Rather than trying to militantly fight sexual brokenness, you will be invited to listen to the very precise messages your lust is sending about the origins of your unwanted sexual behavior. Although we desire freedom from unwanted sexual behavior, it is critical that we understand what experiences keep us bound to it.

This episode will help you identify areas that you deprive yourself of, such as rest and beauty. When deprived of important emotional and physical needs, we begin to lean on unwanted sexual behavior as a counterfeit form of the real need.

This episode will guide you to identify and transform the reasons why unwanted sexual behavior is appealing to you in the midst of the difficulties in your life. To be sure, lust is one of the primary drivers of sexual brokenness. This episode will guide you to see the high interdependence of lust and anger, therefore preparing you to aim your recovery efforts at their partnership.

Resignation, perversion and degradation impact each of our lives the longer we remain in unwanted sexual behavior.

Finding Eden: A journey into the heart of Borneo

This episode will invite you to name the forms of denial and self-deception that weaken your conviction to change. Although seeing these areas of our life is often accompanied with shame, facing the truth of our choices helps set us free. Shame is the painful feeling that we are unwanted and unworthy of love. While it may be intuitive to understand that shame is a feeling that results from indulging in unwanted sexual behavior, this episode will also show you that it is something that also drives you to it.

In learning to be vulnerable with our sexual story, we see that our sexual shame is not a barrier, but a bridge to love.